California Phlebotomist Certification – Making The Most Of It

Changing regulations and a continually improving healthcare landscape makes California phlebotomist certification a really attractive option for people who want to build a career based on this highly sought-after field.  Over roughly the past two decades, phlebotomy openings have been on the rise, and certified practitioners are enjoying employment rates largely untouched by the financial crunch.

Phlebotomists are highly-skilled technicians who specialize in the drawing of blood.  This task was previously done by nurses, but over the years, hospitals and laboratories have realized that rapidly changing technologies and advances in knowledge called for specialists, and the industry has answered with degree programs at a number of schools that have sprouted not only in the United States but abroad as well.

The task is not as simple as it may seem at first: the practitioner must not only be expert in the drawing of blood and its proper handling, but he or she must be well-versed in human anatomy and psychology, achieving the process without any undue pain or stress on the patient.  Hiring licensed or certified phlebotomists assure that institutions are able to give the best possible care to their clients.

Strictly speaking, in America at least, one does not necessarily need a phlebotomy certification in order to start a career in this practice.  California and Louisiana are the only states which require persons who are not doctors, nurses, or clinical lab scientists to be licensed, but in practical terms it will be very hard to get a job in any worthwhile institution without one.

On the other hand, having California phlebotomist certification should prove to be ideal as these state licenses are recognized nationwide.  This even opens the field for traveling phlebotomists, adding another layer of excitement to an already excellent line of work.

The state of California houses many schools that offer courses; chief among these are the Certificate of Completion in Phlebotomy in the Allied Health Program at Long Beach City College, the Phlebotomy Certificate Program at Santa Rosa Junior College in Sonoma County, and the Chaffey College’s Community Education and Professional Development Department’s ten-week program in phlebotomy.  There are many others.

With a California phlebotomist certification, an exciting, lucrative, and well-respected career in healthcare is within reach!