NCA Phlebotomy Certification

NCA Phlebotomy CertificationNCA Phlebotomy Certification

The NCA phlebotomy certification is awarded by the National Credentialing Agency to the phlebotomists who were able to pass the standardized exams. NCA is one of the organizations that are accredited to give phlebotomy training courses, hold certification exams, and issue national certificates among all laboratory professions. Their office is located in Lenexa, KS and is a voluntary, non-governmental, and non-profit organization. Other practices and certification they issue includes medical laboratory professionals in the field of molecular biology, cytogenics, and more. 

About the NCA Phlebotomy Certification

NCA began in 1977 and was created by the members of the ASCLS or American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science. They created this organization to provide the certification process among laboratory professionals including phlebotomists. The National Credentialing Agency, just like other accredited training schools offers future phlebotomists to be certified in this area of expertise through the phlebotomy training program they offer. In order for their students to acquire the NCA phlebotomy certification, they provide them with extensive training both clinical and administrative in line with the certifying examination.  

NCA Phlebotomy Certification

All exams being issued by NCA in which NCA phlebotomy certification exam is part of it are proven to be comprehensive and job-related. Each of the test-takers will have a practice test first before taking the actual exam as part of the NCA phlebotomy certification. The practice test is outside of the examination time and score. On the other hand, the actual NCA phlebotomy certification test is composed of a multiple choice questions that you need to answer in a given period of time. Once passed, you will be eligible to receive the NCA phlebotomy certification.

Some training schools from different states would require their students to register with any of the professional certification agency like the National Credentialing Agency given that this type of organizations could provide students with further education and experience specifically with phlebotomy. The NCA also provides students with resources about certification in phlebotomy as well as learning materials you will need. They have published some books containing ideas, reminders, tips and the practice tests as a reviewer for those who are about to take the standardized national certification exam intended for the NCA phlebotomy certification.