Phlebotomist Salary

Phlebotomist Salary


Phlebotomist salary on an average is determined depending on the sources. Phlebotomists are those who collect blood by means of venipuncture. They also perform the collection of blood in minute quantities.  Since phlebotomists work settings are different, such as hospital setting, laboratories, and clinics, their salary mostly depends on it considering the location as well. Phlebotomist salary who receives a median pay earns $20.28 per hour. 10% of higher-paid phlebotomists receive more the $30.00 per hour, while the lowest 10% only receives $12.19 per hour.

Averagely, phlebotomists work for 40 hours each week equivalent to 2080 hours within a year. If you will base a phlebotomist salary on a yearly basis, an average compensated phlebotomist earns $42,180. The 10 percent who belongs to the lowest-paid receives not more than $25,000 a year but those who belong to the upper 10 percent are getting $60,000 and more per year.

Differences in Phlebotomist Salary

Several factors are considered to be affecting the rate of phlebotomists. Aside from the work setting, the location plays an important role in which the cost of living is measured, as well as the demands for the job.  Mostly, those who belong to the lower 10% phlebotomist salary are set to work on the rural areas and at schools, while those who receive a high salary are working in areas where population is major.

Highest places for a Phlebotomist Salary

Phlebotomist salary is relatively higher on the top five states where phlebotomists are of high demand. These states include Connecticut wherein a phlebotomist receives as much as $57,450, $56,760 in Tennessee, $52, 650in Alaska, $52,010in Hawaii, and $51,770 in Minnesota. To be more precise o the location, the top five metropolitan areas from the state mentioned above where phlebotomist technicians are earning above average income are Grand Junction, CO in which salary reaches up to $73,200, $65,090 in Norwich-New London, CT,  $61,580 in Nashville-Davidson-Murfreesboro-Franklin, TN, $61,580 in Bremerton-Silverdale, WA,  and New Haven, CT where phlebotomist salary reaches up to $59,610.

 Phlebotomists can also be found working in Blood banks, Insurance industry, and Junior Colleges with salary that ranges from $13.00 to up to $30.00 hourly. Phlebotomists that are employed on a regular work setting receive the same employment benefits just like other jobs. Apart from the phlebotomist salary, benefits include vacation, sick time, medical and dental insurance, healthcare benefits, education, holiday pays, retirement plans, social security and others that amounts to over $10,000.