Phlebotomy Board Exam

Phlebotomy Board ExamPhlebotomy Board Exam

The Phlebotomy certification exam is also called as phlebotomy board exams for some states. This examination is intended to be the screening process for phlebotomist who wants to become certified. From the training school that they attended, students will get a hold of what this exam is all about. Most of what they learn from the training school is applicable on this exam, including the human anatomy and physiology, medical terminologies, and other classroom subjects that are comprehensively discussed. Those who have work experience as phlebotomist are also allowed to take the phlebotomy board exam.

Get ahead before Taking the Phlebotomy Board Exam

Those who have attended a training school are ahead in terms of the classroom learning that they acquired compared to those who are working as non-certified phlebotomist. On the other hand, those who earn their knowledge through the actual work experience are ahead in terms of the hands-on experiences compared to the students. Thus, phlebotomist from training school will need to get the experience from the actual setting while the non-certified experienced phlebotomists might need to take review classes for the medical terminologies and other classroom-related subjects that are included in the written exam. 

Phlebotomy students need to finish the whole course prior to taking the exam. Apart from the phlebotomy training course, there is an examination fee you need to pay to the American Society of Clinical Pathologists Board of Registry. The examination fee could go about $50 or higher depending on the program provider.

 What to Expect from the Phlebotomy Board Exam

Phlebotomy board exam should be taken seriously, thus, preparation is needed. You can prepare for the exam by reviewing your lessons and searching for other study materials that may be relevant to the topic. Practice tests could also be taken but most of them that you can find online need to be purchased. Typically, the written exam is composed of set of multiple choice questions that you need to answer in specific period of time given by he facilitator.

Phlebotomy Board exam could be taken traditionally using pen and paper in the testing centers. It could also be taken using computer system but the venue is decided by the certification agency on a given schedule. The hands-on or practical exam that is a major part of the phlebotomy board exam will also be decided by the certification agency regarding the venue and schedule, usually with the hospitals or health care locations that are affiliated with them.