Phlebotomy Certification

One who is practicing the tasks of a phlebotomist should have a phlebotomy certification to support his knowledge and skills pertaining to the job. For most employers, the certification is relevant in the hiring process. Those who are not certificate holders would most probably experience difficulty in getting the job. Since phlebotomy deals with the drawing of blood for testing purposes on patients as well as blood donating, a person who have skills in doing this task should also acquire proper training and experience and not to rely only on his capability to draw blood.

Phlebotomy certification program

Phlebotomy certification program has all those components for aspiring phlebotomists. The capacity to draw blood includes venipuncture or extracting blood on the veins, drawing blood from the capillaries, and arterial puncturing or collecting blood from the artery. Phlebotomy certification program will help you become familiar with the important factors of those three blood collecting processes by providing you with the knowledge of vein location, comfortable punctures, as well as the puncture point. 

These trainings can be provided through the clinical practices done in an actual healthcare setting provided by your training institutions. A minimum of 40 hours classroom setting will allow you to study the fundamentals of phlebotomy such as the study of human anatomy, circulatory systems, lessons on laboratory  procedures as wells as specimen processing. The last part to become fully certified is to pass the issued phlebotomy examination in order to receive a certificate.

Phlebotomists are now becoming an in-demand job in the different areas of healthcare industry during the present times and predictably in the future as well. In order to land on the best work setting, one should be a certified phlebotomist having been passed all the certification requirements and with an issued certificate from the certification associations.

Phlebotomy certification training program

As you decide to take phlebotomy certification training program, it is important that you look for an institution that is duly accredited by the certified phlebotomy association so your efforts and money will not go to waste. The following are some of the certified accreditation providers for phlebotomy training schools—American Certification Agency, National Center for Competency Testing, the National Phlebotomy Association, the American Society for Clinical Pathology, Association of Phlebotomy Technicians, and the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. If your chosen school owns a certification from any of these institutions then a phlebotomy certification is possible for you to obtain.