Phlebotomy Technician Salary

Phlebotomy Technician Salary


If you are wondering how good a phlebotomy technician earns, then you might be surprised to know that phlebotomy technician salary including other compensation benefits can suffice a bit higher than the standard cost of living. But if taking consideration of the different locations, salary of phlebotomy technician may differ too, because of the different demands and other factors.

Some states in the United States gives a pleasant opportunity for phlebotomy technicians with regards to their wage because of the demand for the job is quite high. An average salary of a phlebotomy technician is around $18.20 per hour which is most likely to be around $37, 860 in a year.

Factors that affects phlebotomy technician salary includes:

  • ·         the location of workplace—this describes the demographic location of the workplace like city, downtown, uphill,  and etc. It will determine whether phlebotomy technicians are in demand based on the population and numbers of healthcare places.
  • ·         the type of company—hospitals, physician’s clinic, school and other private clinics, laboratories, blood donation centers, and etc. Based on data, phlebotomy technicians earn higher when they work in physician’s laboratory.
  • ·         level of expertise—level-entry, skilled, and with certification. Skilled or well experienced phlebotomy technicians earn more but those who have certification including experience tends to be hired first and has the chance to succeed in this field.
  • ·         time of work shift and schedule—night shift with graveyard schedule provides premium rather than day shifts.

Top 5 States  where phlebotomy technician salary is high are:

  1. 1.       Rhode Island – $26.68 per hour, $55,490 annual salary
  2. 2.       Maryand – $22.05 per hour, $45,870 annual salary
  3. 3.       Connecticut – $21.82 per hour, $45,380 annual salary
  4. 4.       Alaska – $21.12 per hour, $43,920 annual salary
  5. 5.       New York – $21.01 per hour, $43,690 annual  phlebotomy technician salary