What is Phlebotomy

What is Phlebotomy Definitionwhat is phlebotomy

The act of removing or drawing blood from the circulatory system through an incision, puncture or cut in order to collect a sample for diagnosis or analysis. Also called venesecion or venipuncture.

What is Phlebotomy as a Treatment 

Therpeutic phlebotomy is contucted to manage a condition that causes an elevated volume of red blood cells, or polysythemia vera.  Patients with hemochromatosis, Hepatitis B or C have a disorder of dangeroulsy high levels of the amount of iron in thier blood and may use Phlebotomy as a treatment.   Total blood volume may be decreased with the procedure for patients with pumonary edema.

What are Phlebotomists duties and work enviroments?

Interact with medical personal and patients, collect blood specimens, process them and conduct lab tests in hospitals, donor centers, private physician’s offices, community health centers and laboritories. Phlebotomy is a workd wide practice.

What is Phlebotomy as a Career

It is a study or practice of  a laboratory technician as an individual properly trained to  collect and manage blood specimens for testing in laboratories, also know as phlebotomist or phlebotomist technician. It has never been easier to train to become a phlebotomist.  There are many avenues of education, training and certification in phlebotomy.